FOR E-commerce, Retail outlets, Food and FMCG distributors

The world today is moving forward at an unimaginable speed and quick deliveries of goods are the need of the hour. Through Express, VTL offers the fastest door-to-door delivery service ideal for any time-critical logistics. This well-organized solution is specifically designed for e-commerce businesses, retail chain outlets, food, FMCG distributors, etc.

We provide first-mile pickup, last-mile delivery, advanced shipment tracking supported by trailblazing technology, API Integrations, and warehouse storage for goods. Doorstep delivery of products, GPS enabled tracking of goods, and Cash on Delivery payment methods make this service a one-stop-solution for all e-commerce ventures.

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We cater to a wide range of e-commerce businesses, retail outlets, food/ FMCG distributors, etc. Our cutting edge technology and quick delivery system aid clients from the fast-moving sectors achieve their goals quickly.


The first leg of the journey, the first-mile pickup, is the process of securing the goods from the seller to our best-in-class warehouses. With the help of our expertise in courier services and a fleet of own vehicles, we transport all the products from the starting point to its destination on-time.


As we move forward in the age of ever-evolving technology, warehousing of goods under hygienic conditions became a crucial aspect of any logistics. With our live inventory updates and quality control policies, you can trust all your products with us.


VTL constantly innovates and improves its service by incorporating trailblazing technology in our logistics. One such is our advanced live tracking of shipment items. Our partners can make use of the API integrations and track shipped goods 24*7.


Express courier delivery is the future of the last-mile service. It is the process of moving the goods from a transportation hub, usually a warehouse to the destination point, that is, a customer’s home. We focus on delivering items to the end-user quickly and safely.


Customers mostly prefer Cash on delivery payment method while ordering products on e-commerce sites. To make this transaction process easier, VTL, through our efficient API Integrations, provides hassle-free COD mode.

VTL Logistics Services in Chennai uses cloud based tracking solutions to keep its clients updated about the status of their parcels. We also notify customers with warnings about disruptions in delivery which need to be communicated on time to the customers before they lodge complaints or feel negative about the quality of courier service.
Yes, we do take returns, but they must have been shipped via us at the time of delivery. We accept returns only if it is a purchase made over a website. We do not process returns which are not approved for returns by the contract partner. Packages which need to be returned must be packed properly for the return transit, along with an attached shipping address and receiver details.
The last-mile delivery of your package’s journey may cost up to around 25% of your shipping costs if it exceeds 500 miles.
You can improve your last-mile delivery speed and lower costs by having more warehouse storage facilities by being closer to clients’ location with real time tracking solutions. This can all be done by partnering with a 3PL, like VTL Logistics Company in Chennai.
Yes, absolutely! Once your shipment is picked up, you will receive a link which enables you to track your shipment in real time.
As soon as you sign up with VTL Logistics Company in Chennai, we will provide you with the shipping address of the hub nearest to you and also your unique member ID. We will provide the shipping address and member ID in such a way that you/the sender will just have to copy-paste them into the address box and the name box.
VTL accepts packages which have the payment method of cash-on-delivery as long as the payable amount is under certain monetary value. In such cases when we do accept packages and pay on your behalf by collecting the delivery. You can pay us later when we deliver the package to you. Additionally, we will charge you interest on the amount payable if we hold your package for more than 7 days on a per day basis.

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